About us
Minsk Hub was founded in 2015 to connect Belarus with the international family of Global Shapers, the organization initiated by the World Economic Forum to encourage young people around the world to play active roles in their local communities and to drive change for the better
prof. klaus schwab - chairman of the world economic forum
We are becoming increasinlgy aware that solutions to our global challenges must purposefully engage youth, at all levels - locally, regionally, and globally. This generation has the passion, dynamism, and entrepreneurial spirit to shape the future.
What we do
Empowering youth to bridge global knowledge with local challenges is at the core of the Global Shapers Minsk Hub's mission. We uphold Belarus' engagement in regional and global development processes and work on improving the country's image in the international community. We are confident that intelligent, passionate, and hard-working youth is one of the main drivers of positive change in Belarus.

Since its founding in 2015, Minsk Hub has established partnerships with important stakeholders inside and outside Belarus and carried out a number of projects and initiatives. Our priorities include educational and enablement programs promoting youth employment and entrepreneurship, adoption of digital trends and technologies, breaking down social barriers, and forming of eco-friendly, inclusive, and tolerant society.

Key Milestones
Twice represented Belarus in Davos
In 2016, Denis Kolga, the Hub's member, participated in the Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. In 2019, Mila Batura became the second Hub member and the first Belarusian woman to be invited to the Davos forum.
First Belarusian EdCamp
In 2017 and 2018 the Minsk Hub team organized and held the first two EdCamp (un)conferences that gathered 200+ school teachers from all regions of Belarus.
First Erasmus+ training
The Minsk Hub assisted with organizing the first Erasmus+youth training course in Belarus and worked on establishing an independent area for talks between business community, civil society, and Belarus' political elite.
Going interntional
Our members took part and presented their projects at major international Global Shapers Community-led events in Lithuania, Switzerland, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan.
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